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In our vertical transportation division we have the experience, knowledge and engineering acquired through 40 years of involvement in the sector in projects in Colombia, Central America and the United States. We are available for care and support in the following activities: - Advice on equipment acquisition. - Support in the generation of technical specifications and review of proposals techniques of proponents during the bidding stage for supply and assembly of equipment vertical transport. - Advice on conceptualization of projects and preliminary projects - Evaluation of the vertical transportation system proposed by the architecture. - Carrying out traffic calculation studies that define the quantity, capacity, speed and other variables of the elevators, stairs and other vertical transportation equipment of a project. - Delivery of reference plans for architecture, electrical and structural design. In addition to technical specifications for the tender of equipment. - Technical inspection on site. - Intervention or technical inspection during the installation of vertical transport equipment in projects under construction. - Verification of specifications according to supply and installation contract. - Verification of technical standards NTC5926-1 and NTC 5926-2 under which the elevators and escalators. - Verification of safety elements of vertical transport equipment. - Verification of equipment setup for final delivery. - After-sales advice - Technical support during the search and solution of technical failures or complaints to manufacturers or companies in charge of maintaining the equipment. - Technical audit on condition and conservation - Inspection of equipment in service to determine if its useful life has expired and help define to the co-owners whether a total change or modernization of equipment should be carried out. equipment.


Mechanical technical review of vertical transport systems and electric doors.

Part 1: Electric and hydraulic elevators

Criteria for inspections of elevators, escalators, moving walks and electric doors.

Part 2: Escalators and moving walks

Safety rules for the construction and installation of elevators. Particular applications for passenger and passenger and freight elevators. Accessibility to elevators for people, including people with disabilities.

Safety rules for the construction and installation of elevators.

Part 1: electric elevators

Safety rules for the construction and installation of elevators.

Elevators for the transportation of people and loads.

Part 20: Elevators for people and people and loads.

Resolution 221 of 2014 Bogotá emergency prevention and care fund - Fopae

Agreement 016. November 29, 2016

Decree 0471 of 2018

Agreement No.450 of 2018

Agreement 061 of 2018

Decree No. 0212 of 2014 article 545

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We are authorized distributors of LS BUSways (Formerly LG)

Our engineering support includes technical assistance in your project, BIM coordination, 3D design with CAD tools, thermographic inspections, among others.

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